US: Popular Atlanta nightclub owner killed in front of his own club

A prominent Atlanta nightclub’s owner, Michael Gidewon, was shot and killed early on Saturday morning (February 5) in front of his own establishment, as per authorities. The Fulton County Medical Examiner alerted news organisations that Republic Lounge owner was discovered dead outside the bar early on Saturday.

Gidewon had a gunshot wound when police arrived, according to Atlanta police, who informed FOX5 that medics had already declared him dead. No arrests have been made in connection to his death so far, according to the investigators.

As per local news reports, Gidewon was known for his charity work and became somewhat of a celebrity in his area. 

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Gidewon left Eritrea, an east African nation, to escape the turmoil there, according to Shireda Howard, who has known him for over 20 years. After working their way up in the nightclub business, he and his brother eventually opened their own, separate clubs.

Howard said that Gidewon is survived by his wife and four children.

(With inputs from agencies)