Morning news brief: Trump’s lawyers resist special master’s request, Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan, and more

Trump’s lawyers have resisted clarifying their stance on whether any documents seized at his residence were declassified at any point. In other news, Kyiv’s western allies denounced the referendums that Russia had announced in Ukraine’s four regions. Meanwhile, Liz Truss and Fumio Kishida, during their recent meeting, resolved to work together to tackle the strategic threat posed by China. Finally, mega Hollywood star Angelina Jolie arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday (September 20) to support people affected by the devastating floods.

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Donald Trump’s lawyers resist judge’s request to clarify ‘declassification’ claim

Judge Raymond Dearie – the special master in charge of reviewing the materials seized by the FBI during their raid on the Mar-a-Lago residence of former United States President Donald Trump – has asked Trump’s lawyers to make it clear if the documents were declassified at any point.

Ukraine’s Western allies condemn Russian referendum plans for occupied regions

Western allies German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the referendums “sham” votes, while French President Emmanuel Macron described them as a “travesty”. The United States said they were “an affront to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity” and that Washington would never recognise Russian claims to annexed Ukrainian territory.

UK’s Liz Truss to work with Japan’s Kishida to tackle China threat

According to the statement, Truss and Kishida concurred on the significance of democracies cooperating, notably through international organisations like the G7, to reduce the economic and security dangers posed by “authoritarian governments”.

Angelina Jolie visits Pakistan to support people affected by floods

 Angelina Jolie is visiting to witness and gain an understanding of the situation, and to hear from people affected directly about their needs, and about steps to prevent such suffering in the future,” the report said, citing a release of the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

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