Facebook whistleblower launches nonprofit to challenge big tech

Former Facebook engineer and whistleblower Frances Haugen on Thursday unveiled a group devoted to combating the harm brought on by social media. Haugen’s leak of information suggested that the company prioritised revenues over safety.

The newly formed organisation ‘Beyond the Screen’ stated that its first objective will be to examine the areas in which big tech is falling short of its “legal and ethical commitments to society” and to assist in developing solutions.

“We can have social media that brings out the best in us, and that’s what Beyond the Screen is working toward,” Haugen said in a statement.

“Beyond the Screen will focus on tangible solutions to help users gain control of our social media experience.”

Last year, Haugen released reams of internal papers demonstrating that management were aware of the dangers associated with their site, which sparked a new drive for legislation in the US.

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Haugen argued that the computer giant, which has since changed its name to Meta, prioritised money over security. Meta has retaliated against the charge.

Project Liberty and Common Sense Media are two organisations that Haugen’s NGO announced it will work with because they both have a “commitment to fostering healthier social media.”

Project Liberty creator Frank McCourt said in a statement that Beyond the Screen’s debut initiative “represents a bold, inclusive, and much-needed effort to create a seismic transformation in how social media operates.”

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