Chinese missiles fly over Taiwan; fighter jets cross ‘median line’

As China halted cooperation with the United States over key issues including climate change over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Chinese missiles flew over Taiwan on the second day of military drills as tensions mounted in the region. The Chinese military has been conducting military drills for the past two days in the Taiwan Straits in retaliation against Pelosi’s visit using ballistic missiles and warplanes. 

Although both Taiwan and China did not confirm missiles flew over Taipei however Japan said it had detected at least four missiles which it believed crossed over the island nation.

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The Chinese military encircled Taiwan during the drills firing missiles and flying warplanes as it used destroyers in the Taiwan Strait even as neighbouring Japan criticised the Communist nation’s latest military manoeuvres. Japan said the missiles had landed in its economic zone during the two-day drill. The latest war drills by China are expected to continue until Sunday.

Watch: China fires missiles over Taiwan

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continued its criticism over the drills as National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the Xi regime can end tensions by stopping “provocative” military exercises and ending “rhetoric”. The United States summoned China’s ambassador to Washington over the drills as relations between the two countries continued to go downhill.

Amid tensions in the region, Taiwan’s defence ministry announced at least 68 Chinese warplanes and 13 warships crossed the “median line” that runs through the Taiwan Strait on Friday. China has been conducting the drills just a few miles off Taiwan.

(With inputs from Agencies)


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