Archie Battersbee case: UK High court rejects request to let him die in hospice

UK High Court on Friday (August 5) ruled that Archie Battersbee cannot be moved from hospital to a hospice and denied the application of the parents. Archie, a 12-year-old boy in the United Kingdom, suffered catastrophic brain damage and is currently on life-support treatment. 

Archie’s treatment at the Royal London Hospital is the centre of legal battle as doctors had told the High Court it was “highly likely” he was “brain-stem dead” and they told the court that the life support should end. 

Archie’s parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee bid to have their son moved to a hospice as they wanted to be allowed to choose where he spends “his last moments”. But the request has been rejected. 

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The lawyers who are representing Archie’s family requested to appeal against the ruling, but it was also rejected. UK-based media outlets reported that the family may now pursue a challenge directly with the Court of Appeal. 

After the ruling, Archie’s mother spoke to Sky News and said she feels “sick” and also termed the decision “outrageous”. Later, in a statement, she said, “All our wishes as a family have been denied by the authorities. We are broken, but we are keeping going, because we love Archie and refuse to give up on him.” 

Archie Battersbee’s case  

Archie got seriously injured at his home in Southend, Essex on April 7, 2022. It is assumed that the ligature could have been his participation in an online asphyxiation challenge after he was found unconscious with a ligature over his head.  

He received medical treatment at the Royal London Hospital. Since the accident, he is in a comatose state and has not regained consciousness. 


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