Apple in sexual harassment row: Women allege HR department dismissed misconduct claims

According to reports, Apple said it will look to make changes after several woman employees claimed the company had allegedly dismissed sexual harassment complaints.

Reports said the tech giant did not respond to complaints after the women raised the issue with the human resource department. The company declared it will launch an investigation amid reports of male employees bullying and also sending sexual messages to women which went unanswered by the company’s HR department.

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There are at least 15 women including ex-employees who reportedly complained to the HR department. The report alleged the HR department listened to the managers instead of the women who wanted to register the complaints.

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A report in the Financial Times said the HR department allegedly told the women they could not do anything even if the women had proof of misconduct against men in the company. Some women also reportedly left the company as the report alleged that some women were offered incentives to ensure Apple’s image was protected.

The latest sexual harassment case comes as Elon Musk’s Tesla was hit with lawsuits amid the #Metoo movement. Six women had sued Tesla last year alleging sexual harassment in the car company’s California plant and other facilities.

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