Incredible LG TV discount will help you save £2500 – grab this deal before it ends

If you were looking to buy a new TV for your next boxset binge or gaming marathon, then you may want to rush to grab LG’s latest deal. This week, the Korean electronics giant has launched a new discount on OLED TVs, which slashes the price across a whole range of screens by 10 percent. The saving, which is available using the code LG10 at the checkout, means you could buy some LG TVs for £2500 less than their original price.

However, this promotion will only last until the 28th of March, which means that you should hurry if want to take advantage.

OLED TVs offer incredible 4K detail, deep blacks, bright whites and smooth visuals, offering you a great visual experience for the price, whether you’re watching a movie or playing the latest games.

The biggest price cut is on offer when buying the massively expensive OLED 88 Z2, which is sold at its original price of £24,999.99. Use that LG10 code and an instant saving of £2,500 will be applied, bringing the price down to £22,499.99.

Others among LG’s high-end models have also given offered a 10 percent discount on their original price, with the OLED 77 Z2 now being offered at £10,799.99, and the OLED 97 G2 being offered at £22,499.99.


If spending over £20,000 on telly sounds a bit rich there are plenty of other cheaper deals.

For example, LG is currently selling the OLED 65G2 for £2,069.99 as part of this promotion, compared to its original price of £3,299.99, making it 37 percent cheaper than its original price.

This is saving customers up to £1,230 on their purchase, which is a TV equipped with the LG 4K SELF-LIT OLED evo, which they describe as the most advanced and brightest OLED picture quality.

Meanwhile, those hoping to buy the LG OLED 42C2 TV during the promotion period can save up to £410 on the original price of £1,399.99, as LG is selling the device for £989.99.

LG also noted that during the promotion period, those that buy the LG OLED 65C2 can save up to £810 on their purchase, with the £2,699.99 television now being offered at £1889.98.