Get a Galaxy phone for just £119! Amazon slashes Samsung prices in massive Android sale

Anyone wanting a Galaxy phone without paying ludicrous prices might want to take a trip to Amazon. The online retailer has launched a massive Samsung sale with prices for these popular smartphones dropping to under £119. That very low cost is for the feature-packed Galaxy M13 which features a 6.6-inch screen, triple-lens rear camera and an octa-core processor. There’s even a microSD card slot allowing you to boost the storage to a whopping 1TB.

If you fancy something a little more powerful in your pocket, there is also a deal on the M53 from Samsung. This Galaxy device includes a quad camera, a 5000mAh battery, 8GB of RAM and a 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display with a speedy 120Hz refresh rate.

The Galaxy M53 also gets full access to 5G data speeds which allows users to download files and films on the move at over 300Mbps – that’s four times faster than most home broadband can muster.

If these offers sound enticing you can find full details on Samsung’s Amazon store page. Full details here.

Luckily it’s not just Galaxy phones that have been slashed in price for Black Friday.

There are also big discounts on the Galaxy Watch and iPad-style Galaxy tablets.

Anyone wanting a wearable will find they can now strap one to their wrist for under £149. That low cost is for the Galaxy Watch4 which features full fitness tracking along with long battery life and 4G connectivity.

As well as the Watch4 on sale, there are also discounts on the latest Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro with both of these devices offering improved health tracking along with even longer battery life and more power under the hood.

Finally, there are a swathe of offers on Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices with prices starting from as little as £159. For that low cost, you’ll get a Galaxy Tab A8 a colourful display, long battery life and quad speakers.

For those wanting the ultimate tablet, there is over £100 off the Tab 8 and over £200 off the Tab S8 Ultra.

These devices include fast processors, 5G access, stunning displays and an S Pen stylus for scribbling on the screen.