Widow shocked to see dead husband in his favourite Indian restaurant nine years on

A widow was “totally bemused” after seeing her late husband in a restaurant’s promotional video that was supposedly shot last week, according to reports. Lucy Watson, 59, is convinced it is old footage of Harry Doherty, who died nine years ago. She could not believe her eyes when she saw the video on a Facebook ad for The Spice Cottage in Chichester, West Sussex.

Ms Watson told MailOnline: “The moment I saw the thing I thought ‘Oh my God – that’s Harry.’ It was so instant. I didn’t even have to think.

“He’d be eating a chicken korma because that’s all he ever ate.

“There was no doubt in my mind, it was my husband. I couldn’t pause the thing so I had to replay it about 30 times and each time I was surer and surer.

“Harry was a big, distinctive man. He has white hair. His build and his glasses are distinctive. I recognised the blue sweatshirt he was wearing and he is sitting there with his son Alex.”

Lucy immediately commented on the video, asking the restaurant: “How old is the footage? My late husband and his son are on the first shot and he died in 2014??”

To which the restaurant answered: “Hi Lucy, sorry to hear this. This footage was recorded last week.”

She assumed it must have been an old video so asked when it was filmed before the internet went “crazy” with Facebook users reacting to the woman’s claim.

Katrina Coyle said: “Just seen this in the news. So many questions. Is the poor women’s husband really dead and this is just a lookalike or is he missing presumed and quite possibly been caught out by social media.”

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While Sophie Verney added: “I need closure on this story.”

Yolanda Gilbert Garcia questioned the woman’s claim, saying: “I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking maybe he faked his death just to leave her, but now I’m thinking fake account posting bulls***.”

After seeing all the comments on Facebook, Ms Watson said she was “totally bemused by the response. I don’t understand how people have picked it up in this way to be quite honest and there’s all these crazy theories.”

She explained: “Harry died in 2014 – there’s absolutely no doubt about that. He was seriously ill in hospital for the last few months. They were going to do a liver transplant but he didn’t make it. He was as skinny as anything before he died so the video must have been taken some months before that.”

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