Why I’m joining the university staff strike | Letter

Why I’m joining the university staff strike

Kathleen O’Neill says the future of younger colleagues is at stake and everyone deserves a decent wage

More than 70,000 university staff are due to strike at 150 institutions for three days in November.

I am a university lecturer and I am striking this week. I am not striking for me, but for younger colleagues, and indeed all young people in the workforce.

I am in my 60s and throughout my life, I have received a decent wage and many benefits, which has meant that I could purchase my own home. This is not the case for many younger people. Politicians have ignored younger and poorer people. Why do you think the Conservatives will not touch the state pension? Older people who are often more comfortable tend to vote Conservative.

It is good that people are living longer, but I think the danger is that those who are elderly and selfish will not relinquish control. We seem to have forgotten that young people are our future.

So while elderly people are living longer and longer, young people’s futures are on hold. Everyone deserves a decent wage. The government has plenty of money when it suits it. Why not invest in workers instead of shareholders?
Kathleen O’Neill
Hayling Island, Hampshire