Trump calls for supporters to cough up cash to ‘send shivers down Biden’s spine’

Ex-POTUS Donald Trump has called for supporters to “send shivers down [Joe] Biden’s spine” by coughing up cash to fund his 2024 election bid. Mr Trump’s call came hours after he completed a two-stop campaign event on Saturday.

The 45th President visited both New Hampshire and South Carolina as he unveiled his state leadership teams.

Despite having to take on Republican rivals before he can turn his attention to Biden, Trump used his latest email to supporters to fill his campaign war chest before the first fundraising deadline of 2023.

He said: “It’s not enough to outraise Biden and Kamala … We need to CRUSH their fundraising numbers.

“We need to send a message to the Biden White House – and the entire nation – that the American people want a NEW president who will lead our country back to greatness.

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“That’s why I’m emailing every single member of our MAGA movement so that we can post a massive first-month fundraising haul that sends shivers down Biden’s spine.”

However, by asking supporters to cough up cash, Trump faces questions about whether big Grand Old Party (GOP) donors are looking to support his Republican rivals.

GOP fundraiser Noelle Nikpour, who previously claimed donors were leaning towards pumping money into Ron DeSantis’ potential bid, told “He’s definitely trying to rally his base to give money to his PAC and expressing urgency to show Biden who’s boss, so to speak.

“And that’s exactly how he will keep the campaign cash flowing, calling on the base to support.”

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Make America Great Again Inc, known as MAGA Inc, is registered as an independent super PAC but is staffed by former Trump aides and is expected to spend money supporting the 45th President’s campaign. 

Save America handed MAGA Inc at least $60million ahead of last November’s midterm elections.

Some $40 million of Save America’s contributions were made after the super PAC had largely wrapped up its election spending.

MAGA Inc reported having $54 million in cash as of November 28.

Trump’s official campaign, which he launched at Mar-a-Lago on November 15, has not yet filed federal disclosures on its finances and has until January 31 to give regulators details through the end of 2022.