Royal Family LIVE: Bombshell poll reveals Harry & Meghan should not be full-time royals

The rift between Prince Harry and his brother the Prince of Wales should be mended in light of the Queen’s death, a royal expert has hoped.

Royal biographer Tina Brown said: “This is an incredible moment to be used and the country loved that feeling of unity, they loved seeing the brothers back together and marching as well and it really was a beautiful sight to see them all back together.

“Let’s face it, Harry is a magnificent man, he looked wonderful I thought, funnily enough, the fact that he was wearing a civilian suit not uniform… your eye kind of went to him constantly in the crowd.

“But I think unless he gives up his book and these tell-all documentaries type stuff and stops doing the interviews then there can be no trust.

“If he does that I think there is very much a way and I do actually think the royal family now needs them, there is a lot of work to be done.”