Putin’s plan backfires as £30m worth of Russian helicopters obliterated in just 30 minutes

It boasts a top speed of 196 mph, an 18,000-foot ceiling, and a 683-mile range.

Its performance so far in the Ukraine war has shown, however, that it is plagued by serious structural deficiencies.

The helicopter has been found to suffer from major vibrations that lead to mechanical failures and vibration-induced fatigue.

Photos and videos that have appeared on social media show a range of different damage to Ka-52 helicopters caused by excessive body vibration during takeoff or landing.

Dylan Malyasov, an aviation expert, noted on his Defence blog: “Russian combat helicopters are losing their landing gear fairings, and have cracks in the wings on which the main armament is suspended.

“Severe imbalance in the rotating parts of Ka-52 leads to instabilities during flight making control difficult, if not impossible.

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