Princess Charlotte to follow in rare historical footsteps of her great-aunt Princess Anne

Much like her older brother Prince George and her younger brother Prince Louis, Charlotte will be bestowed with a royal title at some point. One of the titles she will one day have has only been used seven times before in the history of the British Royal Family.

Monarchs historically pass down honours and dukedoms with which come official titles.

Some show a person’s position in the line of succession or one related to a wedding Dukedom.

For example, the title of the Prince of Wales is given to the eldest man in line to the throne, currently Prince Charles, and indicates that he will take over the throne from the Queen.

However, when Kate Middleton married Prince William, they received a wedding dukedom and became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

When Prince Charles becomes King, he will redistribute some of the official titles which will change with the line of succession.

Prince George and Prince Louis will take on major senior titles and Princess Charlotte will take on one of the most historical and significant titles which harks back throughout royal history.

Since her birth on May 2, 2015, at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, Charlotte has held the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge.

The seven-year-old Princess is currently fourth in line to the throne which will become third in line when her grandfather Prince Charles is King.

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It works to identify the most senior members of the Royal Family.

Princess Anne currently holds the title, and it has only been held by six other Princesses before her.

Princess Mary was first, the eldest daughter of King Charles I, followed by others such as Princess Louisa Maria (daughter King James II and VII), Princess Anne (daughter of King George III), Princess Charlotte (daughter of King George III), Princess Victoria (Queen Victoria), Princess Louise (daughter of King Edward VII) and Princess Mary (daughter of King George V).

The title will only be passed on when the current Princess Royal passes away and even then it is not automatically bestowed.

Instead, it goes back to the monarch who then has the choice to bestow it upon their daughter.