PHL, South Korea discuss nuke collaboration

SEOUL—Ambassador to South Korea Ma. Theresa Dizon-De Vega discussed potential Philippines-Republic of Korea (ROK) cooperation on nuclear technology and renewable energy with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. Ltd (KHNP) executives on July 19.

During the call De Vega affirmed the Philippines’s interest in focusing on a viable and sustainable energy plan, then informed the officials that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. himself expressed interest in pursuing nuclear technology and other energy cooperation platforms with South Korea.

KHNP is the largest power generator in Korea, which produces one-third, or around 28 percent, of South Korea’s domestic demand for power through a combination of nuclear power, hydropower, pumped-storage power, as well as new and renewable energy. It is also an energy provider of 29 countries for global power supply.

The KHNP is a long-time partner of the Philippines on energy-related activities, having led feasibility studies for the safe use of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant and the Cagayan EcoZone.

The power company likewise shared that it is trying to support more experts in the nuclear-energy sector, and was pleased to share that Korea Electric Power Corp. International School has a student engineer from the Philippines.

The officials looked forward to further strengthening energy cooperation between both countries in the future. PR/PNA

Image credits: Seoul PE/PNA