King Charles to ‘ignore Harry’s treachery’ as Palace fears it is ‘losing control’

King Charles is poised to steer clear from “bitter battle” with his son after Prince Harry made a series of damaging allegations against the royal household, royal expert Tom Bower has revealed. The Royal Family has remained silent on the issue since the release of ‘Spare’ on January 10. Amid speculations about his retaliation strategy, the King has offered his first hints about how he would respond, Mr Bower said.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Tom Bower said King Charles reportedly caught many guests off guard during a recent private dinner at Clarence House where he expressed his “obvious reluctance” to tackle his son’s disloyalty.

Instead of confronting Harry, the monarch will “shy away from a bitter battle”, King Charles told his guest, Mr Bower reported.

While royal sources suggested the Royal Family was “angry” and “hurt” by Harry’s damning revelations, King Charles might never respond to the accusations.

Mr Bower explained: “Such a suggestion must have truly shocked Britain’s monarchists, a constituency that makes up the vast majority of King Charles’ subjects.”

“His whole face is reddened and wrinkled by the smile and it bares his teeth while forming an angular shape of the lower lip as well as narrowing his eyes into an eye smile. There is little of the kind of overkill tension here that would create a rictus effect, meaning he looks genuinely jolly.”

Other signals, she says, include his “playful mood” and “humour” as well as his “slap on his thigh” as he was joking with representatives of organisations working in community groups across the region.

“His last signal of upbeat resilience is his desire to linger. He sees the camera but there is no scuttling inside, instead he chats longer with the fans.”

King Charles was targeted in the book, Harry wrote, as he begged his warring son to stop fighting over Meghan after the Windsor Castle funeral of Prince Phillip, the queen’s husband, in April 2021.

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