‘Isn’t going to fly!’ Joe Biden dealt blow as Texas threatens to sue POTUS over eco-rules

Joe Biden has been dealt a major blow after Texas threatened to sue the President’s administration over a new conservation rule. Critics warn new eco-rules could harm landowners, farmers and energy producers across five states.

The Lone Star State’s Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a notice of intent with the Department of Interior and Fish & Wildlife Service.

Paxton’s office filed the notice over recent regulation protecting the Lesser Prairie-Chicken.

It has been claimed the regulation violates federal law, fails to consider Texas’ conservation measures and would prove to be difficult for property owners.

Paxton said in a statement: “I will not tolerate the Biden Administration’s efforts to run roughshod over the property rights of Texans and to stop our conservation efforts aimed at protecting Texas wildlife.”

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He alleged: “This rule was a targeted attempt to implement an unlawful, top-down federal approach aimed at advancing a radical environmentalist agenda, which would crush the type of economic development that aids in providing funds for conservation. This isn’t going to fly in Texas.

“Combining this disregard for federal law, the overly vague nature of the rule, and the failure to abide by the legally-required notice of proposed rulemaking, the new rule constitutes yet another example of the Biden Administration’s willingness to prioritise executive overreach over state-directed management and conservation of wildlife and natural resources.”

However, Texas is not the only state to put up a challenge to Biden’s White House administration.

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“These habitats support a diversity of wildlife and are valued for water quality, climate resilience, grazing, hunting and recreation.”

The eco-rules spat also comes just two weeks after Texas and 19 other Republican-led states said it would sue Biden’s administration over a federal migrant parole programme unveiled last month.

Responding to the migrant-related plea, a White House official said: “Many leaders of these states keep claiming we need to secure the border, but then they turned around and try to block every measure that we take to do just that.

“They don’t want real solutions They would rather just keep using immigration to try to score political points.”

Express.co.uk has approached the White House for comment.