I was weight-shamed during a smear test | Letter

I was weight-shamed during a smear test

Sheila Manclark, who was humiliated by the doctor and nurse, says such experiences could put people off essential medical appointments

Weighing Scales

Your article (Obese patients ‘being weight-shamed by doctors and nurses’, 10 August). reminded me of an occasion years ago when going for a smear test. I was puzzled to be weighed by the nurse, who then announced: “I’m afraid you weigh 17 stone.” Following the procedure, the doctor advised me to “stop eating so many chips”. I wasn’t asked any questions about my diet or health, and felt so humiliated by the whole experience that I could barely speak.

It’s sad to hear that weight-shaming is still occurring. Situations like this can so easily put people off accessing essential screening programmes and medical appointments. It seems fair to hypothesise that some deaths of people who live with obesity may be due to this unequal access to medical care.
Sheila Manclark