‘I called my mom a creep after she called me a w**** about my breasts – Am I an a*******?’

A teenage girl has caused controversy after she called her mom a “creep” for raging about a nipple piercing. The 18-year-old girl had the piercing procedure just after her birthday and always wanted the accessories because she “was pretty insecure about my chest”. But her 50-year-old mum did not approve, and called the girl a “w****”.

User ech3rie posted about the situation on Reddit’s ‘AmITheA*******’ , noting that her mother “is the type of person to hate tattoos and piercings”, adding: “I have a few piercings on my face, and she’s made it pretty clear she hates them.”

“I thought that at least with my nipple piercings, she wouldn’t be able to see them, since I pretty much always wear a bra and/or tops made of thick material,” she said.

But when she woke up to make breakfast on Saturday, “my mother walked into the kitchen and we were talking”.

“It was a civil conversation, until she asked me if I got my nipples pierced.

“I could tell by the tone of her voice that s*** was about to hit the fan.

“I kinda just stared at her for a second and asked her why she was looking at my chest. She said something along the lines of ‘they were sticking out,’ which is just f****** gross in my opinion [sic].”

In a fiery exchange, she said: “I told her that I was just cold, and that it makes me uncomfortable that she looks at my chest.”

The teen said “this isn’t the first time she’s made comments about my boobs”, continuing: “You don’t do that to your own kid, it’s f****** nasty.

“She used the ‘I’m your mother’ excuse and told me that ‘only w***** their nipples pierced’.

“I called her a creep and told her that I’m not going to entertain her delusions about my chest. She said that I was being a b**** to her and that she wasn’t stupid, she knows what she saw.

“She’s been in a foul mood for a few hours now, so i’ve just been keeping my distance.

“I didn’t exactly own up to having the piercings, but do I really have to? it’s an intimate area of my body that i would never ever want to share with anyone but myself and my partner.”

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Reddit users were split on whether the girl was an a*******, who also admitted “I know I shouldn’t have insulted her back, it was immature of me” but added: “I reacted that way because again, this isn’t the first time she’s commented on my body, especially since I’m a bigger-chested woman as well.”

User Miserable_Promise484 said that everyone was in the wrong, adding: “Your mum shouldn’t be so controlling and insult you over stupid s***. She’s the bigger a******* here.

“But you shouldn’t hide behind phoney fake outrage. Your mum isn’t perving on you.”

Another user, not-your-echochamber, called the girl “an unreliable and delusional narrator”, adding: “You are delusional if you think nipple peircings aren’t noticeable.

“As someone who’s had nipple piercings, people noticing them is a part of the deal. It’s like if you got mad that someone commented that you got a tongue ring.

“Technically its semi-hidden, but generally everyone will notice and know.”

But users took issue with this comment, with blythe_blight saying: “Her mother called her a w****. Her MOTHER.”

User Meryuchu added: “I don’t know what anyone is smoking in here I can tell your mom is the type of mom to make weird remarks about your breast being too big and you trying to catch attention of men with that or something, it’s 100 percent obvious with what you said in some comments and in the main post, also the worst you called her was a ‘creep’ when under pressure with her pressing you about it again, talking about YOUR OWN BODY.

“Just because she’s your mom, nobody has the right to talk about their kid’s body parts and be nasty about it and name calling (your mom basically called you a w****).”

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