GB News: Queen’s role as royal ‘team player’ paved way for successful reign, expert says

Brits paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II during Her Majesty’s state funeral on Monday. However, the Queen’s 70-year reign is still being analysed by royal experts.

Robert Lacey joined Dan Wootton on GB News to discuss the late monarch’s reign as well as what Brits can expect under her son King Charles III.

Mr Lacey claimed the Queen’s role as a “team player” helped pave the way for her successful reign.

He said: “The most successful royals are the humble ones who realise it is not all about me.

“And you can immediately think of one royal who does think it is all about him and has come to grief as a result.

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“Prince Charles has had tendencies in that direction.”

Lacey added: “I think the great secret of the Queen’s success is that she wasn’t born into the main line of succession.

“She was like a Princess Beatrice or Eugenie, destined for an obscure life, and it was destiny and the misbehaviour of adults which threw her into the mainline.

“But, right from the beginning, that little girl who was so close to her grandfather George V realised this is a team game.