Charles Bronson’s plans to appear in anti-knife crime TikTok rap videos to educate kids

One of Britain’s most dangerous and longest serving prisoners could appear in a song against knife crime – even from behind bars, it is claimed. Charles Bronson, who has been in prison for nearly five decades, has hopes he will be out of jail this year. And it’s understood he may be able to tour schools with Rapper Ice T 21 to promote a crucial anti-knife message. The TikTok musician plans to address knife violence at schools, and he might even show videos of Bronson from behind bars during his presentations to youths.

If Bronson receives parole following his hearing, which began on March 6, the public could see Bronson featured in Ice T 21’s next video, according to Mail Online.

However, the TikTok musician said has also plans in case the convict is sent to an “open prison”. He said: “My plan for that is if he goes to an open prison or whatever prison he is because I am hoping to do tours because I was meant to do it around schools, either this year or the beginning of next year.”

From prison, Bronson could send Ice T 21 a video via Skype to be included in the video clip as well as “updated messages” for their anti-knife campaign.

Bronson, 70, a recidivist, was sentenced to indefinite life in prison with a minimum of three years in 2000 for holding prison art teacher Phil Danielson hostage for two days in 1999.

Bronson’s offer came earlier in March before his public parole hearings. The convict told his son he wanted to get involved in Ice T’s anti-knife campaign. He promised to “get out” of prison as soon as possible.

He said: “Give him my respects and we’ll do it together as soon as I get out. A nice little project that. Adios amigo.”

Ice T 21, who is currently on tour in Hungary, where he has a holiday home, revealed he had known George Bamby on Facebook for a few years but was taken aback when George sent him his dad’s video.

He explained George had heard his song called Time To Change a week after its release. The TikTok musician composed it after his sister was locked inside college because of a knife crime incident.

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When he got Bronson’s video message, Ice T 21 said he could not believe his eyes.

He said: “I didn’t know, I knew George and who George is, but I didn’t know if the video was real of Charles Bronson when I questioned it until I saw his documentary two-part series on Channel 4.”

Despite the constraints, the 21-year-old artist said he “definitely” believes “it could work”.

He said: “I think it could give a different spin on things because people would listen to me through my music and some of the experiences, but I haven’t had the experiences where he has.”