‘Truly frightening!’ Older Britons forced to ‘unretire’ as ‘challenges’ brew for thousands

“Older people in financial hardship should not be forced to risk their health – either by returning to work when it is not in their best interest or by living in a cold, dark home because the extra money isn’t there.” 

For Britons who are choosing to go back to work for either financial or any other factor, the Centre for Ageing Better noted that they face “real challenges” in the current labour market. 

Hardships that older workers face include navigating ageism in recruitment and finding suitable, fulfilling work that works for someone as people may be looking for flexible work to help manage caring responsibility or health problems. 

Emily Andrews, deputy director for work at the Centre for Ageing Better, explained:  “Employers with high vacancies, who want to make the most of this potential pool of recruits, should follow our best-practice guidance on removing ageism in the recruitment process, and promote flexible working to all staff.”

“While some older workers who have retired may be wary of returning to the workplace, the right kind of jobs can allow them to thrive there and allow employers to benefit from their experience.”

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